Monday, March 1, 2010

For those about to sketch...

100 sketches is indeed a daunting task for some (myself included) but even if you don't quite make it to 100 (myself included) the excitement for the final result still remains (myself included).

We are beginning what will result in our sophomore BOX project, a 5 week whirlwind adventure taking place right here in scenic, and always sunny Providence, RI. Sophomores before us have sure made some impressive work. They have raised the bar... we will clear it!

So if genius hasn't hit you yet, hit genius! And if genius hits you back, take it! Take it like the chisel-wielding, hollow grinding, dove-tail making, wood-chip eating, Ripping, Joining, Cross-cut cutting - FURNITURE STUDENT you were born to be!

And, Damnit make us proud!
We are 2012!

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